About Tooth Extractions

Dr. Cynthia Stephenson pic
Dr. Cynthia Stephenson
Image: dentistofwalnutcreek.com

Dr. Cynthia Stephenson performs oral health procedures ranging from dental screenings to tooth extractions at her medical office in Walnut Creek, California. Before becoming a dentist, Dr. Cynthia Stephenson enrolled at the UCLA School of Dentistry, where she earned her DDS.

Dentists may recommend that patients have teeth removed if the teeth in question are damaged beyond repair, severely infected, are crowding out other teeth, or are otherwise interfering with natural oral function. Depending on the condition and number of teeth dentists plan to remove, the extraction procedure may differ.

For example, if a patient requires a single tooth pulled and that tooth is intact above the surface of the gum, a dentist may administer a local anesthetic and then carefully remove the tooth from the jaw. However, if a patient requires many teeth to be removed or if those teeth are beneath the gum line, providers may administer a general anesthetic that will put the patient to sleep for the course of the procedure.

Following tooth extractions, patients may experience bleeding in the empty socket. Over time, a blood clot will appear in the socket, and it is important that patients not dislodge this clot while healing occurs. The dental provider will offer care post-extraction instructions.


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