Tooth Replacements – Implants

Dental Implants pic
Dental Implants

Cynthia Stephenson, DDS, delivers a high professional standard of dental care to patients in and around Walnut Creek, California, and is experienced in installing dental implants. Dr. Cynthia Stephenson underwent surgical implant training during her residency at Albert Einstein Hospital.

When patients lose their teeth and dentists are unable to reinsert or save them, one option to restore oral integrity is for the individual to undergo the dental implant procedure. The treatment involves actually installing a metal implant anchored firmly in the jawbone. On top of this sturdy implant, dentists then place a crown that mimics the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth.

Many patients are attracted to dental implants because they constitute a long-term solution. While tooth-supported dental replacements often fail within a decade, dental implants last a lifetime, necessitating only occasional adjustment. Moreover, the treatment’s track record of success makes it among the most predictably effective solutions of its kind.

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