Dental Sealants Explained

Dr. Cynthia Stephenson pic
Dr. Cynthia Stephenson

At her private dental practice in Walnut Creek, California, Dr. Cynthia Stephenson maintains a comprehensive selection of dental services for patients of all ages. Cynthia Stephenson, DDS, stresses the importance of preventative dentistry, a practice that typically involves treatments such as topical fluorides, caries control fillings, and sealants.

A relatively simple treatment that can have a significantly positive impact on long-term dental health, dental sealants prevent decay on the surfaces of the teeth used for biting. During the application procedure, the dentist paints an acrylic coating on the surface grooves of the teeth, which seals the deep grooves and protects the enamel from erosion. Often, dental sealants protect the areas that brushing and flossing cannot reach.

Although dental sealants represent one of the most important preventative procedures for children, adults can also benefit from sealants. Each tooth takes only a few minutes to seal, and sealants can last for many years before a reapplication is necessary.


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